Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better success

I am very excited to share this new series with you: Stress Less for Better Success. I am shining a spotlight on this monster emotion that we all deal with in our everyday lives, whether through a really minor experience or as a result of something really freakin’ traumatically major. 

Check in regularly to get a sweet ‘n’ easy, digestible tip that you can put into practice right away so that you can start feeling the satisfying release of de-stressing A-S-A-P.

Today’s Tip:

Give yourself a break, regularly throughout the day. 

It’s okay to take breaks. In fact, it is absolutely, totally, essentially, vitally necessary. I’m serious. When you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit, your breathing is shallow, your mind gets cluttered with distractions and noise and everything just turns into chaos.

The next time you feel a meltdown coming on, sit back, close your eyes and breathe. Dedicate yourself to a 5-10 minute break each day around the time that stuff starts to feel tough. You know the moment. It’s right after you hang up from the 60-minute conference call that you’ve been on or you have spent two hours creating new marketing material for your business.

Most importantly, listen to your body because it will let you know when it is time for that break. You’ll get the messages in the form of headaches, your heart starting to race or the sudden need to scream and pull your hair out.


The Perfect Time is NOW

2016 Stress Less for Better Success Road MapIt’s never too late to get focused on your intentions. I have just a few spots left to do Wellness Road Maps in January. These sessions will pinpoint where you are dealing with the most stress in your life and how we can turn that around to get you great results and better success. If you haven’t figured out what ACTIONS to start taking to achieve your Big Goal (ex. lose 30 pounds, run a marathon in 12 months, get a promotion at work), make the commitment to figure it them out now.

These sessions are done over the phone or on Skype so that we can talk at a time that meshes seamlessly with your busy schedule. You will walk away with a 90-Day plan to get you moving at YOUR perfect pace!

Make your move and visit to make your appointment. Reserve your spot by midnight Friday January 29th and use the code “IMREADY2016” to save 50% off your session.‪#‎StressLessforBetterSuccess‬

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Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better successTip of the Day:

Rant, rave and unleash the negative emotions that you’ve kept bottled up. Confide in a loyal friend or just write everything you need to say in a letter. Then, trash/burn the letter. 

Self-expression is so important for us as human beings. Each day can be a roller coaster of emotions and if we aren’t careful about how we release those emotions, unintentional but serious damage can be done.

Remember, what you focus on expands, so instead of keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself, allow yourself to let go. It is only after you let go that you can feel at peace with moving on.

Happy New Year!

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When you look back at 2015, what are the happiest memories that flood back into your mind? Which experiences made you smile, laugh and feel the magic of being alive? When did you feel the most energized and stress-free? When did you feel proud of yourself for accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat?

If you didn’t have enough of these moments, it is nothing to feel sad or ashamed of. It is a brand new year and you have wiped the slate clean. Be mindful of what your goals are–of what you are passionate about accomplishing. And then, be honest about whether you are truly equipped to begin the journey of achieving them.

In order to succeed in our career, our relationships and our own personal endeavors, we must make ourselves our own top priority. It is essential that we nourish ourselves so that we have the energy and stamina to take on our To Do lists and excel in the things that matter the most.

How have you neglected your health? Has it been through lack of sleep, constantly giving your time to the needs of others, surviving on fast food and convenience meals instead of thriving on fresh meals that feature a balance of whole foods or choosing to be a couch potato instead of going to yoga class or sticking to your weight-lifting routine?

It’s time to stop making excuses and waiting for the “right time”–which will never come! Commit to being your own first priority and let’s get started on the journey towards your optimal health today. Book your Fresh Start Consultation here.

Dream Big & Set Intentions

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” -Benjamin Franklin

A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon Leonie Dawson and discovered her amazing products–specifically, the yearly workbook. I bought the 2014 Create Your Amazing Year version because I was drawn to the whimsical illustrations and beautiful colors that were used throughout.

I remember feeling so giddy when I received it in the mail. I couldn’t wait to dig into it and get working on writing down my dreams and goals. Using Leonie’s workbook was so much more fun and inspiring than filling in some boring blank notebook.

At the end of 2014, I excitedly placed my order for the 2015 Create Your Shining Year workbook. The changes that I loved about this newest version were: the coil binding (which made it SO much easier to write in), the “Biz” and “Life” portions which were now seamlessly combined rather than in two separate chunks and also, the full-page spaces that were added in for the purpose of reflecting and reviewing the accomplishments of each month.


I highly recommend this product for people who are creative, crafty or even those who want to bring more creative energy into their life with the intent of focusing on specific goals. In today’s fast-paced and high-stress world, it is all too easy to forget our dreams or set them aside until “just the right time.” Leonie has created this beautiful reminder that it is important to focus on and fulfill our dreams.

Give yourself the gift of a fresh perspective and renewed energy to fulfill your purpose and improve every aspect of your life in 2016. The newest edition of the workbooks has just become available. You can claim yours as a PDF or a printed copy here:

Leonie is an awesome Aussie whose blog posts always make me laugh and whose entrepreneuress prowess leaves me absolutely stunned. The workbooks are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the collection of gems that she offers. If you’re a girlboss (or girlboss-in-the-making), you will want to take a peek at everything in her shop. Trust me, you’ll be thanking me later.

Though we still have plenty of time left to accomplish some last-minute feats here in 2015, it isn’t too early to begin pondering how we will make 2016 even better. Life is too short to not follow your purpose!

P.S. I am honored to share this amazing workbook with you, which I have enjoyed purchasing over the past two years since it helps me dream a little bit bigger and stay focused on my goals. If you decide that you would love it as much as I do and purchase it using the link above, I will receive a small affiliate compensation. Please note that this in no way affects my opinion of the Leonie Dawson products and I would only share anything with my friends and followers because I absolutely LOVE it and genuinely benefit from using it.

Healthy for the Holidays is Easier Than You Think!

Though the holidays are the time of year that brings good cheer, many of us tend to get very run down and stressed out during these late winter months. Between juggling the tasks of shopping for presents, planning parties and attempting to be an angel despite being surrounded by an overwhelming amount of sinful holiday treats, getting too relaxed with our healthy lifestyle can almost seem like it is inevitable.

Renewed Life Health Coaching is here to support you in keeping your waistline in check through this difficult season. You will be provided with tips, recipes, motivational tools and so much more to get you through the holidays with a smile on your face and doing away with the necessity of you hiding in the background of all the family pictures.

If you’re not convinced that being healthy during the holidays is a possible feat, then join me in a free 5-day challenge! Sign up here now to ensure you get a spot!


How Practicing Patience Can Help You Succeed


In a world where everyone wants immediate responses, results and rewards, it becomes necessary to familiarize ourselves once again with the importance of patience. We navigate our day-to-day lives using tools that provide us instant answers through Google, constant communication through text or e-mail and purchases that show up on our doorstep overnight. And because of images and ads we see that make claims for miracle weight loss supplements or programs that ensure they can turn you into an instant millionaire, we have become desensitized to the idea that certain things take time and they are worth waiting and/or working for.

Let’s apply the idea of patience to ourselves. Answer the following question honestly: Do you practice patience with yourself?

You may be quick to say “yes,” or brush off the question and automatically think, “of course I do,” but is that the truth? Are you patient when it takes time and dedication at the gym to sculpt and strengthen your ideal body? Are you patient when you make a mistake at work? What about when you’re feeling overwhelmed about your responsibilities and are falling behind on your “To Do” list?

If we are not patient with ourselves, we lose the opportunity to heal, grow and continue taking steps towards success. We also end up setting expectations that are too high and become a slave to trying to fulfill them. The biggest loss we encounter from dismissing the practice of patience is not appreciating or enjoying the small successes that we achieve along our journey towards our big goals.

Like any skill, patience takes practice. Think about a sport or talent that you have. Whether you’re a baseball player, a writer or a pianist, you were not good to begin with. You had to improve your skill one day at a time, with much focus and dedication. This same process applies to any other achievement that you set your sights on; and that includes becoming a patient person.

When your focus is on losing weight and feeling comfortable in your own skin, look in the mirror each day and instead of zeroing in on your faults, love the person that you see. Celebrate with a solo dance party in your living room when your clothes start to fit better instead of when the numbers start dropping on the scale. Give yourself a pat on the back every time you make a healthy food substitution or decline that tempting slice of cheesecake on the dessert menu. And don’t beat yourself up in those moments that temptation wins out–because those moments will certainly happen. What matters most is that you remain patient with yourself and never give up.

“Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.” -Saadi

3 Ugly Eating Habits You Should’ve Quit Yesterday


When it comes to how, what and when you eat, the majority of us have picked up some practices that are only doing damage to our overall health, all while completely throwing us off-course from our better body goals. If you’re ready to finally feel confident in that bikini and enjoy all the perks that go along with feeding your body right, then ditch the following practices right now.

  1. Always choosing the Fat Free option. Fat has become the main villain in our cast of food component characters. And yet, fat itself does not make you fat. (What does? To put it simply, overeating and unbalanced diets.) Brace yourself for the most important piece of information here: You need fat. Yes, NEED. Healthy fats are essential in your diet for growth development and certain cell functions. Your brain contains nerves that are wrapped in a material that is made up of essential fats. Another important role that fat plays is assisting in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). Focus on adding monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats into your diet, while limiting saturated and trans fats.
  1. Eating an excess of processed foods. When you focus on whole foods (basically, stuff that doesn’t come in a box and have a bunch of ingredients you can’t pronounce listed on it), you are nourishing your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that it needs in order to function properly. You also usually get more satisfaction from this type of diet and have less of a tendency to still be hungry, (which can then lead to overeating and more than likely, excess weight). “Diet” foods that are calorie-controlled, sugar-free and fat-free can be culprits for causing hormone imbalance. So forget counting calories and restricting yourself to labeled boxes. Focus on real (whole) food.
  1. “Forgetting” to eat. Your life is busy. You wear a bunch of different hats and you feel like you need to be the Energizer Bunny from the moment you roll out of bed in the morning til the moment you collapse right back into it at night. Guess what! Not taking the time out to eat proper meals is going to backfire on all of your plans to stay busy and productive. It also isn’t going to sit well with your desire to stay slim and toned. Not eating enough can slow down your metabolism and though you may think you should be losing weight because you’re not taking in very many calories, your body makes up for the missing fuel. It ends up burning your stored fuel (fat!) at a slower pace. Throw in the unavoidable truth that you will end up overindulging once you finally do stop and eat and you simply have a recipe for disaster. Do yourself a favor and stop skipping meals. You absolutely need to eat more than once or twice a day.

There’s no need to freak out if any of these actions are part of your regular routine. You are not the only one. Changing habits takes time and consistency. Tackle them one at a time so that you do not feel overwhelmed. Try to avoid processed and diet foods at all costs for 30 days, without worrying about any other diet-related goals and when that month is over, you’ll be feeling and looking fabulous, my friend! Once you’ve conquered one ugly habit, you will be empowered and feel confident about dealing with the rest.

Breaking free of routines that do not serve your health is an essential part of becoming your vibrant, beautiful and renewed you. Are you ready to put together a unique plan to get real results that fits easily into your busy schedule? Book your complimentary Health Coaching consultation today so that you can stop waiting on and wishing for your transformation.

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