Healthy Living Essential: Increase Your Health


Living paycheck to paycheck is a common reality for many people these days. Between paying your rent, credit card bills, phone bills and shopping for general necessities like toothpaste, toilet paper and dog food, it can be difficult to set money aside in a savings account. Plus, there are always going to be those moments when you convince yourself that you absolutely need that cute purse that you found on sale at the department store or you simply won’t be able to live without that pair of strappy sandals you stumbled upon when you were supposed to be shopping for new work clothes. (In my case, I have the tendency to impulse buy books and yummy-flavored Kombucha).


That moment that you log into your banking app though and see that you now have to stretch out a measly $50 over the next week can cause an intense sense of dread and immediate stress. You recognize the panic that is starting to spread throughout your body. It sends a tingling sensation up and down your spine and your head begins to pound. You end up asking yourself, “How could I let this happen again?”


The best thing to do in this moment is to try to relax. There’s no need to verbally beat yourself up and feeling guilty won’t do you any good either. If you resort to negative thinking, then there isn’t much hope of remedying the situation. So instead of getting down on yourself, take a deep breath and start repeating one of the following affirmations, from Louise Hay, to yourself, to stay in a high, abundance-attracting vibration:


“I am a magnet for money. Prosperity of every kind is drawn to me.”
“I radiate success, and prosper wherever I turn.” 
“Life supplies all my needs in great abundance. I trust life.” 


Working on your mindset and your core beliefs about money can help you to turn around your financial crisis. What you focus on expands so instead of focusing on your lack of money or the amount of debt that you’re in, create visualizations about being abundant, financially secure and content with what you already have. While working on your money mindset, take action to support your abundance mindset. Find a professional to show you how to create a budget, invest and grow your money and who can teach you other smart money-saving techniques.


Attending to your money issues as soon as possible would be ideal, especially since the stress caused by financial problems has been shown to contribute to conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Fortify your body’s strength and defenses by using your grocery budget to buy healthy foods and setting aside money to pay for a monthly gym membership. Invest in services like massage or acupuncture that will nourish your self-care needs and improve your health.


If you are into healing crystals… Carry a green aventurine, citrine, or moss agate in your pocket. These are some of the most commonly used stones for aiding the manifestation of wealth and abundance.


And for those moments when your emotions are out of control and you can’t seem to fight off that nervous breakdown, try breathing in a soothing essential oil, like lavender, chamomile, ylang ylang or even a blend of all three! Essential oils work quickly and you should begin to feel calm almost immediately.


With determination, positive thinking and the right tools, you are now equipped to handle any money-related issues that come your way. Don’t sacrifice your health because you believe that you are lacking the resources to take care of yourself. Become a smart spender and make self-care your top priority so that you’ll be able to easily maintain your mind, body and soul health.
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