Why I Couldn’t Live Without Essential Oils

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My first experience with essential oils happened a few years ago when I was working at the Vitamin Shoppe. I was very intrigued by this section in our store and whenever I was assigned to organize and restock the products, I took my time in completing my task, pausing to smell the tester of each oil as I went along. The first time I did this, I learned my lesson about their potency very quickly because by the time I reached the end of the EO display, I was feeling slightly nauseated from the mixture of scents that were stuck in my nose.

(Not exactly sure what essential oils are? No problem…Pause for a moment and watch this video.)

To get the customers more engaged and aware of the oils, we started to diffuse them. They had such a powerful fragrance that they would fill the entire store, which wasn’t exactly a small space. We very frequently got comments and questions about what we were diffusing and people seemed very surprised that the aroma was so powerful. Since our team was always wanting to feel energized at work, we ended up using citrus oils and peppermint in the diffuser most frequently.

When I left this job, I still dabbled every now and then in the oils but was not a serious user. I bought some grapefruit oil as well as a spray blend to use at home, that made me feel peaceful when I smelled it. As I would do my grocery shopping at local health food stores, essential oils would always catch my eye and I would explore the selection that they offered.

It wasn’t until I met Sarah that I allowed my curiosity of aromatherapy and the healing powers of essential oils to fully grasp my attention. Sarah is a yoga instructor and I met her boyfriend at a networking event. After hearing a bit about her, I realized that it seemed like we had a lot in common and I was definitely interested to meet her.

The first time I visited their house, Sarah told me about the oils that she used. They were beautifully displayed in their kitchen and I was overwhelmed by the number of bottles she had. After smelling just a couple, I could tell that there was something different about these than the ones I had previously experienced at the Vitamin Shoppe and other stores. Their fragrance was stronger and smelled more authentic. Sarah explained that these oils were CPTG — certified pure therapeutic grade 100% pure oils that were not diluted with any fillers or chemicals; so pure that you could actually ingest most and use almost all of them topically with no worries.

As she told me this, I recalled that I had seen the warning “for external use only” on many essential oils and aromatherapy products that I had purchased or looked at before. I could practically feel the flick of someone flipping the switch and illuminating the light bulb over my head as I had this realization. I was immediately hooked. I needed to know more about these oils, there benefits and most importantly, where I could get them!

Now, it has been almost two years and I have been faithfully using DoTerra oils since this awesome introduction. My first investment was in the Family Physician Kit (now known as the Family Wellness Kit) and when that arrived, it was like digging into a gold mine. My favorite oils right off the bat were frankincense, On Guard, DigestZen and Breathe.

In my daily life, I currently use peppermint oil the most. It is a lifesaver for itchy/inflamed skin (so for those who have eczema, this is an absolute MUST HAVE); it eases tension headaches–even more so when combined with lavender; it is a cheaper afternoon-pick-me-up than coffee and it is an instant breath freshener.

Other issues that DoTerra’s oils frequently help me with…

Stomachaches – DigestZen

Anxiety – Serenity or Console

Stuffiness or other respiratory issues – Eucalpytus or Breathe

Skin issues – Frankincense, Helichrysum, Lavender

Inability to fall asleep – Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood

And beyond these uses, I have also added oils to my homemade body butter, put a couple of drops in smoothies and also sprinkled some in food recipes as well. The uses for these essential oils is truly endless and they provide an array of benefits.

Ready to try the oils out for yourself? You can visit my website to order or if you think you might need a little guidance to figure out which oils would best serve your needs, I would be more than happy to offer my advice. Just send me an e-mail at renewedlifecoaching@gmail.com.


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