Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better success

I am very excited to share this new series with you: Stress Less for Better Success. I am shining a spotlight on this monster emotion that we all deal with in our everyday lives, whether through a really minor experience or as a result of something really freakin’ traumatically major. 

Check in regularly to get a sweet ‘n’ easy, digestible tip that you can put into practice right away so that you can start feeling the satisfying release of de-stressing A-S-A-P.

Today’s Tip:

Give yourself a break, regularly throughout the day. 

It’s okay to take breaks. In fact, it is absolutely, totally, essentially, vitally necessary. I’m serious. When you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit, your breathing is shallow, your mind gets cluttered with distractions and noise and everything just turns into chaos.

The next time you feel a meltdown coming on, sit back, close your eyes and breathe. Dedicate yourself to a 5-10 minute break each day around the time that stuff starts to feel tough. You know the moment. It’s right after you hang up from the 60-minute conference call that you’ve been on or you have spent two hours creating new marketing material for your business.

Most importantly, listen to your body because it will let you know when it is time for that break. You’ll get the messages in the form of headaches, your heart starting to race or the sudden need to scream and pull your hair out.


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