The Perfect Time is NOW

2016 Stress Less for Better Success Road MapIt’s never too late to get focused on your intentions. I have just a few spots left to do Wellness Road Maps in January. These sessions will pinpoint where you are dealing with the most stress in your life and how we can turn that around to get you great results and better success. If you haven’t figured out what ACTIONS to start taking to achieve your Big Goal (ex. lose 30 pounds, run a marathon in 12 months, get a promotion at work), make the commitment to figure it them out now.

These sessions are done over the phone or on Skype so that we can talk at a time that meshes seamlessly with your busy schedule. You will walk away with a 90-Day plan to get you moving at YOUR perfect pace!

Make your move and visit to make your appointment. Reserve your spot by midnight Friday January 29th and use the code “IMREADY2016” to save 50% off your session.‪#‎StressLessforBetterSuccess‬

Be sure to also follow me on Periscope, where I will be debuting the new Stress Less for Better Success series V-E-R-Y soon! @renewedlife_kat


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