Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better success

Today’s tip for minimizing your stress…

Create a playlist to shift your mindset.

Music stirs us up emotionally so it can be a useful tool during those times when we are feeling frustrated, defeated or simply uninspired. Think about what your favorite songs are–whether they are the hits that you hear today on the radio or “old school” tracks that bring back great memories and make a playlist that you can put on when you need a pick-me-up.

If you want to go a step further, create multiple playlists to set the tone for different moods that you want to create throughout the day. Choose peppy, upbeat tunes for the morning, soothing acoustics to put you in the work flow throughout the day and peaceful lullabies to set you adrift into dreamland at night.


Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better success

I am very excited to share this new series with you: Stress Less for Better Success. I am shining a spotlight on this monster emotion that we all deal with in our everyday lives, whether through a really minor experience or as a result of something really freakin’ traumatically major. 

Check in regularly to get a sweet ‘n’ easy, digestible tip that you can put into practice right away so that you can start feeling the satisfying release of de-stressing A-S-A-P.

Today’s Tip:

Give yourself a break, regularly throughout the day. 

It’s okay to take breaks. In fact, it is absolutely, totally, essentially, vitally necessary. I’m serious. When you’re constantly pushing yourself to the limit, your breathing is shallow, your mind gets cluttered with distractions and noise and everything just turns into chaos.

The next time you feel a meltdown coming on, sit back, close your eyes and breathe. Dedicate yourself to a 5-10 minute break each day around the time that stuff starts to feel tough. You know the moment. It’s right after you hang up from the 60-minute conference call that you’ve been on or you have spent two hours creating new marketing material for your business.

Most importantly, listen to your body because it will let you know when it is time for that break. You’ll get the messages in the form of headaches, your heart starting to race or the sudden need to scream and pull your hair out.

The Perfect Time is NOW

2016 Stress Less for Better Success Road MapIt’s never too late to get focused on your intentions. I have just a few spots left to do Wellness Road Maps in January. These sessions will pinpoint where you are dealing with the most stress in your life and how we can turn that around to get you great results and better success. If you haven’t figured out what ACTIONS to start taking to achieve your Big Goal (ex. lose 30 pounds, run a marathon in 12 months, get a promotion at work), make the commitment to figure it them out now.

These sessions are done over the phone or on Skype so that we can talk at a time that meshes seamlessly with your busy schedule. You will walk away with a 90-Day plan to get you moving at YOUR perfect pace!

Make your move and visit to make your appointment. Reserve your spot by midnight Friday January 29th and use the code “IMREADY2016” to save 50% off your session.‪#‎StressLessforBetterSuccess‬

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Stress Less for Better Success – Tip of the Day

for better successTip of the Day:

Rant, rave and unleash the negative emotions that you’ve kept bottled up. Confide in a loyal friend or just write everything you need to say in a letter. Then, trash/burn the letter. 

Self-expression is so important for us as human beings. Each day can be a roller coaster of emotions and if we aren’t careful about how we release those emotions, unintentional but serious damage can be done.

Remember, what you focus on expands, so instead of keeping your thoughts and feelings to yourself, allow yourself to let go. It is only after you let go that you can feel at peace with moving on.

Happy New Year!

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When you look back at 2015, what are the happiest memories that flood back into your mind? Which experiences made you smile, laugh and feel the magic of being alive? When did you feel the most energized and stress-free? When did you feel proud of yourself for accomplishing a seemingly impossible feat?

If you didn’t have enough of these moments, it is nothing to feel sad or ashamed of. It is a brand new year and you have wiped the slate clean. Be mindful of what your goals are–of what you are passionate about accomplishing. And then, be honest about whether you are truly equipped to begin the journey of achieving them.

In order to succeed in our career, our relationships and our own personal endeavors, we must make ourselves our own top priority. It is essential that we nourish ourselves so that we have the energy and stamina to take on our To Do lists and excel in the things that matter the most.

How have you neglected your health? Has it been through lack of sleep, constantly giving your time to the needs of others, surviving on fast food and convenience meals instead of thriving on fresh meals that feature a balance of whole foods or choosing to be a couch potato instead of going to yoga class or sticking to your weight-lifting routine?

It’s time to stop making excuses and waiting for the “right time”–which will never come! Commit to being your own first priority and let’s get started on the journey towards your optimal health today. Book your Fresh Start Consultation here.