It May be National Donut Day…but How Often Do You “Celebrate”?


I’m sure many people are excited and heading to their nearest Krispy Kreme or Dunkin’ Donuts because of the fact that it’s National Donut Day. (Hip hip hooray!) For some, this may be an uncommon treat, and yet for others, this donut (or donuts) could resemble more of an everyday indulgence.

Sure, one donut is most likely not going to hurt you–(unless of course you’re gluten intolerant, have Celiac’s disease or among other things, are diabetic.) And I totally agree with treating yourself, every once in a while.

The big problem with celebrating and promoting events such as National Donut Day though, is that many people use this as an excuse to continue on with their usual junk-eating habits, or even pack on the sweets a little heavier on this particular day.

We are bombarded with advertising and messages in our daily lives that tell us “it’s okay to eat sugary, processed, nutrient-devoid foods all the time.” Why? It’s convenient. It’s cheap. It’s delicious. And you only live once, right?

Here’s the truth:

Those convenient, cheap and delicious foods are destroying our health.

It’s okay to have a donut every once in a while. How often is that? Maybe once a week; or every couple weeks; or…(gasp) once a month! Could you imagine only savoring the taste of your favorite sweet treat or savory indulgent food so sparingly? Well, this could be a key habit to improving and sustaining good health.

So take a good honest look at what your daily diet consists of. Could you cut down on the amount of cookies, potato chips, drive-thru meals or any other processed or convenience foods you’re eating? Are there healthier foods–fruits and vegetables, leaner choices of meats, that you could replace your usual choices with?

That donut you’re enjoying today is very likely convenient, cheap and delicious…but will it (plus all of the other unhealthy foods you’re eating) be worth the pain of inflammation that wreaks havoc on your digestive system a year down the road? Or the diabetes that you are suddenly diagnosed with, which forces you to alter your entire lifestyle and add all sorts of medications and doctor’s visits to your monthly budget?

Your best plan of action is to create a balanced plan for yourself. Set the time each week to shop and prepare meals and snacks for the week. Be sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in each of your meals, to ensure that your body is receiving an abundant amount of high-quality nutrition. When your body is less depleted, you may experience less cravings for sugary, overly-processed junk. And plan one day a week when you will allow yourself to have a small treat–ie. one scoop of ice cream or one chocolate chip cookie. “Donut” give yourself a “cheat day.”


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